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FIE Update Q3 2017 Newsletter pdf
FIE introduction & update at the SIA Roundtable, October 2017 Presentation pdf
Right to repair - The Economist Article link
Call for Action - Ecodesign Request link
Gartner Report Third Party Maintenance Report link
European Parliament Resolution to extend life-cycle of goods Legislation pdf
IoT and repairability Podcast link
Software vendor audits block software market competition Report link
Newsletter Q2 Newsletter link
WANNACRY? Time has come to dry your tears and act! Article pdf
EU Free Flow of Data Positioning Paper pdf
EU Ecodesign Servers and Storage Positioning Paper pdf
FIE Positioning Paper 2017 Positioning Paper pdf
Can you resell Software Licenses? Article link
The Secondary Software Market (Cigrif/Softcorner) Report link
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