About the Free ICT Europe Foundation

Free ICT Europe Foundation(FIE) is a not-for-profit foundation actively promoting the ICT Secondary Market within Europe. Our objective is to secure the right of ownership and the freedom for consumers and businesses alike to freely choose their providers to trade, maintain and repair by:


FREE ICT EUROPE aims to bring together the independent enterprise ICT aftermarket chain under the banner of "Freedom to Support, Repair and Resell". These organisations have been able to extend the life and improve the service to ICT assets while realising better value.


Although many companies in this market are working well with each other on a daily basis, there is no united approach towards institutions and other organisations. To be heard one voice needs to be strong enough to inform bodies about our market and issues.


While we might bring together competition, the relationships we have are based on Trust and elevate to the level of Interest of the market as a whole. Affiliations are within our core market & beyond


The market developments stimulate us to unite our common values & knowledge to become stronger, to defend the rights and interests of our customers, our businesses and Europe as a whole. Confidentiality is key.


FIE is recognised as the European Representative for the IT aftermarket, representing companies active in Third Party Maintainance, Software Support, ICT Brokerage/Reselling, Spare Parts Suppliers, Used Software resellers, Rental and Leasing Companies.


As listed at all our communication we are registered in the EU transparancy register.

When you are interested to receive our Financial Report, please use the Contact Form. Our donors receive a copy automatically.

The Board

A group of independent European IT services operators announced the creation of an alliance FREE ICT EUROPE FOUNDATION. More information about this team:

Tomás O’Leary - President

Tomás is a thought leading and vocal member of the secondary ICT market. Having spent over 15 years either working in IBM or in leading one of its more successful European business partners, Tomás understands the issues and dynamics at play in the rapidly changing ICT services landscape. Having spent the last number of years building a business that is fast becoming a recognised global leader in the independent support of IBM software, Tomás understands the importance of representation and co-operation to achieve common goals. He has been a consistent advocate for the promotion of choice for large ICT users and a campaigner against the lock-in practices that can dominate the ICT industry. Having cut his teeth with the SIA’s Advocacy Group (that ultimately became Repair.org) he then went on to help found Free ICT Europe Foundation in 2014.

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Will Nicholls - Board member

With over thirty years experience in the IT Industry, & well over half of that time spent working in the IBM Mid-Range market. Most of Will's time in the industry has been from a Services perspective & always in what we now call the Aftermarket, which gives him an unparalleled depth of knowledge in the challenges & difficulties that service companies face.

Will currently works for Blue Chip, arranging for hardware maintenance support for many large UK enterprises. He became involved in the European Journey, "It was a comforting experience to meet with likeminded individuals" he states, "that instead of being alone, there were other people prepared to make the commitment to defend our industry & uphold the fundamental rights of EU citizens to have choice".

For Will what started out with the singular cause of protecting the livelihood of the company he works for, has become an opportunity to make Europe a freer & fairer place, a cause he is passionate about, a cause worth feels is worth fighting for. "For the first time, Free ICT Europe gives a voice the independent sector of our industry a voice & the more people that join us, the louder that voice becomes".

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Gilles Auchere - Treasurer

Graduated in Computer Science Technology, Gilles experienced working for an OEM before joining Europe Computer Systems (ECS) in 1986, first as Field Engineer and subsequently as a Technical Support Specialist. In the early 1990s he was personally involved in the creation and promotion of the Mainframe support business, a time when he became aware of the growing criticality of IT Systems, especially in large, multi-platform Accounts.

Gilles was instrumental in developing the Multi-vendor Business for ECS and launched Proactive Services aimed at providing further value added support beyond just standard hardware and software maintenance. In 2010 Econocom acquired ECS and Gilles became involved in Business Development, a role ideally suited to his critical and analytic nature.

Having worked in the Industry for over thirty years, Gilles has acquired a great knowledge of OEMs practices and policies, knowledge he is always pleased to share with his Customers or peers. His personal motto of "No Citadel is Impregnable" belies his tenacious attitude in a belief that there is no such thing as an insurmountable problem, an attitude that is invaluable in the trials and tribulations that lie before us all.

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Martin Thompson - Board Member

Martin Thompson is owner and founder of Enterprise Opinions, a global research and advisory organisation specialising in IT Asset and Service Management, which includes communities The ITAM Review, The ITSM Review and Tools Advisor.

On a voluntary basis Martin is the Chief Agitator at the Campaign for Clear Licensing and a contributor to ISO WG21 which develops the SAM international standard ISO/IEC 19770

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